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Posted: October 14, 2014 by barcitymusic in Hip-hop, Rap
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Freddy Thabo Radebe aka D-TOXIC is a young boy that was born in South Africa… North West Potchestroom,left with his parents on the age of 12 years to live in Free State Kroonstad,on the age of 14 is wen he started to listening to hip-hop,he started to spit wen he was 15 and that’s wen he got to love hip-hop music to the fullest, D-TOXIC came back to North West Potchefstroom at the age of 18 years and he started been a house Dj but he never forgot about his beautiful music that is hip-hop, wen he was 20 years he started to put his mind more on hip-hop music the year after he recorded his first song shine bright that was really classic with his friend in music smokey trill and on his road he found a recording label named Veneration Flair records self made and now his and self made artist and the last born of the team

Facebook page: D-TOXIC
Twitter: @D_TOXICSA



  1. Anonymous says:

    well this guy is going places ..

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